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Rajah Broadcasting Network, Inc. (which stands for RAmon JAcinto Holdings) is a Philippine television and radio network owned by guitarist-singer-businessman Ramon "RJ" Jacinto. The network's studio headquarters located at Makati City.

RBN Stations nationwideEdit

RJTV stations nationwide (2nd Avenue)Edit

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power (kW) Station Type Coverage (Transmitter site)
2nd Avenue/RJTV 29 Manila DZRJ-TV TV-29 30 kW (500 kW ERP) Originating Metro Manila
2nd Avenue/RJTV 41 Laoag DWLQ-TV TV-41 5 kW Relay Laoag
2nd Avenue/RJTV 24 Baguio DWLJ-TV TV-24 5 kW Relay Baguio
2nd Avenue/RJTV 30 Dagupan DZFJ-TV TV-26 5 kW Relay Dagupan
2nd Avenue/RJTV 28 Tuguegarao DWRJ-TV TV-28 5 kW Relay Tuguegarao
2nd Avenue/RJTV 28 Pampanga DWRE-TV TV-28 5 kW Planned Pampanga
2nd Avenue/RJTV 42 Naga DZPA-TV TV-42 10 kW Relay Naga
2nd Avenue/RJTV 45 Legaspi DZNS-TV TV-45 5 kW Relay Legaspi
2nd Avenue/RJTV 29 Puerto Princesa DYFJ-TV TV-29 5 kW Relay Puerto Princesa
2nd Avenue/RJTV 37 Roxas D-37-RJ-TV TV-37 5 kW Planned Roxas
2nd Avenue/RJTV 24 Iloilo DYRJ-TV TV-24 10 kW Relay Iloilo
2nd Avenue/RJTV 26 Bacolod DYFJ-TV TV-26 5 kW Relay Bacolod
2nd Avenue/RJTV 33 Cebu DYNJ-TV TV-33 5 kW Relay Cebu
2nd Avenue/RJTV 28 Tacloban DYLJ-TV TV-28 5 kW Relay Tacloban
2nd Avenue/RJTV 34 Dumaguete D-34-FJ-TV TV-34 5 kW Planned Dumaguete
2nd Avenue/RJTV 41 Zamboanga DXNJ-TV TV-41 5 kW Relay Zamboanga
2nd Avenue/RJTV 37 Butuan DXBI-TV TV-37 5 kW Relay Butuan
2nd Avenue/RJTV 31 Cagayan De Oro DXRJ-TV TV-31 10 kW Relay Cagayan De Oro
2nd Avenue/RJTV 21 Davao DXDJ-TV TV-21 10 kW Relay Davao
2nd Avenue/RJTV 24 General Santos DXRT-TV TV-24 10 kW Relay General Santos

2nd Avenue/RJTV via cable and satellite TelevisionEdit

All of these cable and TV satellite channels carry DZRJ-TV-29 Manila.

Cable/Satellite Provider Ch. # Coverage
Cablelink 35 Metro Manila
Dream Satellite TV 21 Nationwide
Destiny Cable 29 Metro Manila
SkyCable 19 Metro Manila
Telmarc Cable 44 Rizal, Laguna and Tarlac

-With several cable affiliates nationwide.

RJAM stationsEdit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Coverage
DZRJ 810 AM DZRJ-AM 810 kHz 50 kW Mega Manila/Luzon-Wide Region
(with nationwide popularization propagation broadcast)
DYRJ 1152 AM Iloilo DYRJ-AM 1152 kHz 5 kW Iloilo
Visayas Region
DXRJ 1476 AM Iligan DXRJ-AM 1476 kHz 10 kW Cagayan De Oro/Iligan
Mindanao Region

NOTE: Since August 25, 2010, the Radyo Bandido moniker for all stations are removed.

RJFM stationsEdit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Station Type Location
RJFM 100.3 DZRJ-FM 100.3 MHz 25 kW Originating Metro Manila
RJFM 91.1 Baguio DWDJ-FM 91.1 MHz 5 kW Relay Baguio
Cordillera Region
RJFM 96.5 Tuguegarao DWRJ-FM 96.5 MHz 5 kW Relay Tuguegarao
Northern Luzon Region
RJFM 99.1 Palawan DYJR-FM 99.1 MHz 5 kW Relay Puerto Princesa
RJFM 98.3 Iloilo DYNJ-FM 98.3 MHz 5 kW Relay Iloilo
Western Visayas Region
RJFM 99.9 Bacolod DYFJ-FM 99.9 MHz 5 kW Relay Bacolod
Western Visayas Region
RJFM 100.3 Cebu DYRJ-FM 100.3 MHz 20 kW Originating Cebu
Central Visayas Region
RJFM 88.5 Cagayan De Oro DXRJ-FM 88.5 MHz 10 kW Relay Cagayan De Oro
Northern Mindanao Region
RJFM 100.3 Davao DXDJ-FM 100.3 MHz 20 kW Originating Davao
Southern Mindanao egion

Internet radio stations Edit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Station Type Location
UR Faceradio n/a internet radio n/a n/a Worldwide

NOTE: All stations carry the Manila broadcast of RJ 100.3.

Productions & AffiliatesEdit

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