Template:Infobox broadcast RJTV 29 (DZRJ-TV) is a UHF, free to air television channel, owned and operated by Rajah Broadcasting Network, Inc. owned by Ramon "RJ" Jacinto. operated by Solar Television Network RJTV 29 broadcast in the greater Metro Manila area, and is on a ‘must carry basis’ on cable service providers. This station studios are located at Ventures I Bldg., Makati Ave. cor. Gen. Luna St., Makati City. With transmitters at Brgy. San Roque Purok 19, San Lorenzo Ruiz St., Antipolo City. RJTV limited its operations from 5:30 AM to 12:00 MN since November 22, 2012.


RJTV 29 began its test broadcast in April 1993, with station produced programming which was entertaining mix of music oriented shows, local news, talk show, and the very first local Home TV Shopping program.

In 1995, RJTV 29 went into niche programming and timeless television series, shopping and animation programs for children. At the time, the target market was kids during the day, and baby boomers at night. In 1997, due to the emergence of UHF competitors such as Studio 23 and CTV-31 (now called as BEAM Channel 31 and is also affiliated by Solar Entertainment via Jack City), RJTV 29 went from traditional TV programming to specialized programs such as direct response companies and religious sectors. RJTV 29 recognized the advent of specialized television – niche markets that identify specific needs of certain sectors.

On January 1, 2008, as a result of a blocktime agreement of Solar Entertainment Corporation with various terrestrial networks, RJTV has started carrying shows from Solar's 2nd Avenue channel although during some days of the week, it may pre-empt 2nd Avenue programming for its own programmes.[1] [2]

However on September 9, 2012, RJTV 29 stops broadcasting together with 3ABN/Hope Channel Philippines Channel 45, way though it is still broadcasting via cable networks only. It was found out that this station is upgrading its transmitter and somehow returned on-air at exactly 6am on November 21, 2012.

RJTV/2nd. Avenue SlogansEdit

Branding Slogan Years Active
RJTV 29 Make It A Habit 1993
RJTV 29 Your Music and Shopping Network 1993-1994
RJTV 29 Timeless Television 1995
RJTV 29 Interactive Experience Television 1997-2000
RJTV 29 Interactive TV Station 2000-2007
RJTV 29/2nd Avenue Everybody's Watching 2008
RJTV 29/2nd Avenue We make TV worth watching. 2008-2009
RJTV 29/2nd Avenue You're on 2nd.Avenue on RJTV! 2009
RJTV 29/2nd Avenue The channel for the Urbanite 2009-2012
RJTV 29/2nd Avenue A Dash For Life 2012–Present

RJTV ProgramsEdit

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Note: Two shows from RJTV will continue to air (Thank God It's RJ Live! and RJ Sunday Jam).[3]

RJTV stations nationwideEdit

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